Hybrid ISO Hanger System


Very durable solution for people who want to achieve maximum acoustic insulation with a loss of room height of only 10cm. It is a system of hangers with an additional layer of 100 mm of acoustic mineral wool installed between exposed joists after removing the original ceiling. The main purpose of the additional mineral wool is to start absorbing the noise as close to the source as possible. This will reduce the effect of the “speaker box” effect created by the gap between the old ceiling and the floor boards. The beams that form the basis for the new soundproof ceiling are fixed through the hangers. resilient bars are placed on the beams to provide additional impact resistance. The system also uses mineral acoustic wool between the new frame structure and two layers of 19 mm and 12.5 mm acoustic plasterboard. The perimeter and all joints on the first layer of the board will be sealed with acoustic silicone.

thickness: +/- 100mm
impact performance: 25db
airborne performance: 27db

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